Project Description

CJ Green

Founder and owner of Tovip Ltd an impact business consultancy. We work with organisations that want to strengthen their focus on driving sustainable profit with purpose. Key areas of our work are in People, Community Impact, Customer Centricity, Environmental and Supply Chain Management.

CJ Green is the former Chief People Officer and then Chief Executive of a UK Facilities Management business of 26,000 employees and holds a passionate view that businesses have a responsibility to their clients and communities.


Joanna Bajarska-Buchcic – HR Solutions Group – Gdansk Poland

C-J Green is fabulous, inspirational leader and trainer which I had a pleasure to know and work with. C-J Green is a trainer on our “Transformational HR” program in Poland for executives, especially in HR. C-J prepared and performed the module of the workshop “How to create an engaged workplace for the 21st century”. It was a fantastic workshop with useful and creative exercises for participants working effectively in groups. Her knowledge, experience, and passion made a huge impression on me. C-J is a wonderful, warm person with an excellent attitude to people and their development.

Perry Timms – PTHR Transformational HR – UK

Heroes don’t come around too often especially from within some professional fields. Yet when we come across a hard working, adventurous and sincere Chief People Officer who happened to make the transition to CEO, hero status is earned. C-J Green is someone who is a hero of mine, for not only what she’s done in her work but because she’s full of the spirit I want to see prevail in HR professionals. Tuned in, entrepreneurial, beliefs driven, C-J leaves me full of hope about what outstanding HR professionals can do, be and deliver. A leader with a strong sense of creating more leaders, an experimental mind to nurture more experimenters, and an energy creator for those around her, C-J is top of my list of examples where HRs influence has been greatest.

Vince Treadgold – Greenzest – UK

We engaged with Tovip to understand more about the BCorp movement and to start to work towards the B Certification for our business. We have undergone our initial assessment and are now working towards verification. CJ and her team are inspiring and bring to life what it means to work with purpose. Engaging with our teams and bringing an infectious spirit to the changes we are making to the business has been invaluable to evolving our strategy I would recommend Cj and Tovip to any business looking to differentiate themselves and have sustainable impact.