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Joanna Bingham 

Joanna has worked in the investment industry for 9 years, the last 7 of which with Stewart Investors, who manage long-term investment portfolios. Having joined as an analyst she focused on developing countries, in particular Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Her real passion was travelling to the countries and meeting management teams to understand what motivates them and their vision for the businesses they are running. She also plays a hands-on role in the team’s charity, the Maitri Trust, and it was the disconnect between the charities she was working with and the businesses she was meeting that inspired her to explore the area where profit meets purpose. This led to a year working in Tanzania for the Wood Foundation, a venture philanthropist working to ‘make markets work for the poor’. They had identified the tea value chain in East Africa and work at every level from processing factories to govt to industry bodies, even brokering a deal with Unilever to build a factory in an impoverished area of the Southern Highlands. This ignited Joanna’s obsession with the power of supply chains for transformation. In subsequent years, she has been working with Stewart Investors to set up a non-profit which supports local development in Africa through inclusive supply chains. Currently based in Ghana, Joanna is excited to use B Corp to encourage businesses to adopt future-friendly practices, create jobs and change mindsets towards the role of business. Joanna speaks fluent French and Spanish and very good Mzungu Swahili.

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