Project Description

Lara Hayward

As an experienced delivery professional and stakeholder manager, Lara has broad experience working across the corporate, public and education sectors, in law, events management, career consultancy, coaching and community impact leadership. Lara is looking to use her legal and governance background and belief in purpose-led business to develop interest in the B Corp movement in Oxford where she is currently based, and to help companies proceed through the B Corp certification process.

Currently a Careers Consultant at Oxford University, she enables student participation and interest in careers in sustainability and is looking to grow internship offerings within B Corp companies. With a love for nature, particularly the sea and mountains, Lara is also Community Lead for the Surfers Against Sewage Cold Water Islands Project, an initiative which shares similar values to the B Corp movement. Connecting people with place/the environment enables meaningful collaboration – Lara brings this approach to all of her current projects.