Project Description

Meredith CaneĀ 

Meredith Cane is an ACA chartered accountant who trained with KPMG. She worked as an internal auditor for five years, reviewing businesses across the world. As an internal auditor she worked with management and employees at every level to assess processes for accuracy, efficiency and control, and identify practical solutions for issues. However she became frustrated by not being able to address what she saw as the real root of company problems: the lack of a clear vision and purpose to connect companies to the real world and the inability to see the changes in public expectation as an opportunity.

She sees the B Corp structure as a major step in answering those issues. As a B Leader, Meredith is looking to work with growing companies to ensure that they put in place effective policies and processes that work for them and are scalable for future growth, whilst creating the infrastructure for the continuous improvement required to retain B Corp status.