Nick Parkhill

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Project Description

Nick Parkhill 

Nick works at Adam Smith International (ASI), and in 2017 took on a major role enabling change within the company. He is passionate about mission driven work, and turning things that seem complicated into structure and action.

Prior to ASI, Nick was part of Accenture’s Strategy and Sustainability Team, leading change management in sustainability within the world’s largest mining companies, and before this led a non-profit initiative to use the Olympics as a basis for social development in the most deprived parts of the UK.

He has a strong record of operationalising strategy in a range of contexts, from small scale community projects in Southern Africa to the boardrooms of Mexico, the federal ministries of Nigeria to the classrooms of Thailand. This has gained him endorsements from young people and leaders within community initiatives, to government ministers and executives in top-10 FTSE multinationals.

Nick’s interest ultimately lies in enabling the public sector in developing countries to serve their citizens better. Nick loves experiencing different cultures, swimming in wild places, looking out of plane windows, and going uphill / into the wind / the muddy bits.