Shayla Meyer

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Project Description

Shayla Meyer 

Shayla is a Consultant at Junxion Strategy. Junxion integrates strategy, branding and impact reporting for organisations committed to people, planet and shared prosperity. Junxion’s team has taken a dozen companies through the B Impact Assessment, helping them each to measure impact across the organisation and turn performance gaps into realised opportunities that drive value.

Originally from Canada, Shayla is a true interdisciplinary and applies an innovative lens to sustainability strategy development as well as the pragmatism required to make innovative ideas a reality. Career highlights include impact measurement and sustainability programme development for small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada; a $3 million social capital pool to secure local investment in renewable energy; an employee engagement programme for leading flavours and fragrances company and a sustainable food campaign for a Unilever Brand.

Upcoming ‘Want to be a B Corp?’ workshops 

Date & Time
Wed, 4th October 2017, 2:00pm

Impact Hub Kings Cross

34B York Way
Kings Cross
London, N1 9AB


Shayla is one of two facilitators in Junxion’s B Corp workshop series. During a regimented set of five workshops over two months, Junxion uses their sustainability and B Corp expertise to guide participants through the B Impact Assessment. Participants also receive one hour of 1-to-1 phone support between each session during which Junxion helps them to develop new programmes, policies and processes or strategically align existing ones to lift their score.

Junxion’s goal for the workshop is to make the B Impact Assessment as accessible as possible. If you’d like to know more, go to: or email