Project Description

Virginie Menko

As a B Leader I am truly convinced that we can transform the way we do business in a way that is respectful for us today and for the ones following us in the future. Doing so is a mandate and a journey. Doing business for good brings passion in life and at work. It unfolds business relationships, attracts talents, respects the planet and last but not least naturally leads to huge employee engagement and growing business results.

My experience of +20 years as an HR Generalist/Business Partner in various sectors and size of companies helps me to anticipate and better understand the challenges you will get along the journey and to help fix them.

As a B Leader my role can be strategic and operational. Strategic by helping you to set the right targets and to foster a cultural shift that will sustain the efforts along the road. Operational by driving the process to get certified, by completing the B Impact Assessment (BIA) with your teams and identifying the gaps to reach certification.

I also use my HR background to help organisations to become HR self-autonomous, teams to become self-managed and to develop a communication that is based on respect, trust and true relationships.